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The Legendary “Book Of Wealth”

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  • The FORCES that move money and how to harness them for your maximum benefit
  • The real meaning behind the technology of the TAROT card system (yes, it’s a technology). Why it can be an invaluable guide to your future…but NOT in the way most people think
  • Do you know where your “Wealth Corner” is located? Discover this and how to use the principles of Feng Shui to enjoy greater happiness (and yes, prosperity) at home and your place of work
  • The hidden meaning behind the Astrology Birth Chart and why this can be a powerful guide to success for you
  • When you know the right “place” to stand, money and success will flow to you effortlessly. Use these tools and strategies like a water diviner to discover “money fountains” whenever you need to
  • The hidden secrets contained in “The Book Of Wealth”. At first glance these volumes are simply a record of the great fortunes in history. Look again and like invisible ink appearing, extraordinary success strategies are revealed >
  • If SELF-SABOTAGE is a problem for you…if you always seem to stumble just when you’re about to finally enjoy incredible success…you’ll find both the cause AND (even better) the answer in the TAROT

…and much, much more (such as the WARNINGS contained in “The Book Of Wealth” that you must heed or risk losing everything you already have).

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